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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to cancel your credit card in Malaysia

Because of Malaysia government impose a credit card tax for every credit card you have yearly (during the anniversary of the credit card), many people choose to cancel their card(s). Although the banks can waive your annual fee, but the credit card tax still have to be pay by the consumers. Some banks can 'compensate' the credit card tax somehow, but some don't, you have to pay the RM50 for principle card and RM25 for sub card. I have a few cards because I was greedy on the gift the credit card promoter hand out :P Now it is time to cancel my credit cards. During the process, I found out that different bank have different ways of cancellation for credit card. This list is what I know:

Group 01 - you can call to the bank to cancel your credit card(s) and they will fax you a cancellation form:
a. Citibank

Group 02 - you have to fax, or email a cancellation letter, or walk in to the bank to fill up a cancellation form
a. UOB

Group 03 - just call and they will cancel your card
a. CIMB (provided by ~y3nch1ng~)

Do leave at the comment if you know how to cancel your credit card at other banks. :)


~y3nch1ng~ said...

CIMB - Just call and tell them you want to cancel. Done!!

~y3nch1ng~ said...

CIMB - Just call them and tell them you want to cancel. Done!