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Friday, March 13, 2009


I spend my weekend at hospitals nowadays, what to do? As parents/grandparents growing older and you start have kids, you sure end up knowing lots hospital stuffs and staffs. :P

Bagan Specialist (B'worth)
1. How to go?
- get off at Permatang Pauh exit from PLUS highway
- turn left after the exit if you are coming from south (vice versa la)
- go straight until you get to turn left at 2nd traffic light that allow left turn (a few more traffic light along the way, but only got right turn only, follow at left lane and ignore those traffic light)
- after turn left, you should able to see Bagan Specialist at distant on ur left.
- right after a very small bridge, turn left and you are less then 1/2km from the hospital main gate
2. Doctors that I see
- Dr Teh - my daughter doc actually :P

Lam Wah Ee (Penang) (added ww23.4)
1. How to go?
- (from main land) From Penang bridge, head toward Georgetown direction
- turn left into Greenlane right after Tesco on your left
- take overhead bridge on your right after 3 traffic lights
- Lam Wah Ee is at your right hand side after the overhead bridge
2. Doctos that I see
- Dr Low Eng Joo - my grandmothers (father's mother and mother's mother)
- Dr Tan Eng Guan - my daughter 2nd choice doc (1st choice is Dr Teh of Bagan, near mar)