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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't fall in money trap

See the ads below? Sounds like the bank is willing to help you at raining day. Yes?
Don't fall in money/debt trap. No money then don't spend anymore! Read the money tips:

Public Mutual report: Market Wrap 05 14 10 (MG)

Public Mutual report: Market Wrap 05 14 10 (MG)

Click to see the pdf:
Market Wrap 05 14 10 (MG).pdf

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Monday, May 24, 2010

I got lucky!

I switched to Standard Charted credit card because I wanted the cool hard money that they gave during the promotion. It was RM100 went that they gave. After Mr Rosmajid implement the credit card tax, then the bank give RM150 to their customers to offset the credit card tax.

Anyway, there was another promotion to pay the bills online at Standard Charted online banking between 11March, 2010 to 09April, 2010. 30 lucky winners could win up to RM200 cash back when paying bill using Standard Charted online banking.

Actually I have already forgotten such a contest, until I get the letter from Standard Charted congratulating me for being one of the 30 winners. I seldom get this lucky! :)
I think it was the TNB bill, costing RM196.40, now it is free! :)

Here is the letter (click to see bigger picture):

Find out how to get the free RM150 from Standard Charted bank: