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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

47% of our Malaysia stock market is controlled by the Big Boys

From mystockfolio.blogspot.com:

I've recently made a study on the market value of Malaysia Bursa market. Forgot which date I did it, but roughly last few week. The total market capital of Bursa is 392.6b MYR. To my surprise, even not calculating the institutional buyers like funds, insurance companies,trust fund etc, the percentage of total market capital held by our government or government linked companies are around47% with total around 184.7b MYR.

Here is the breakdown:

Well, from the above you would have known, the biggest being EPF,KHAZANAH,PNB.
Let me further breakdown
LTAT held only a few shares,around16, the topholdings being Boustead,Affin,CSCSteel,Aeon,GBH

KHAZANAH, to my surprise, with 66B, it held only around18shares,the biggest being Axiata,CIMB,Tenaga,Plus,Telekom

LTH held around 91shares,the biggest being BIMB,TH plantation,KFC,Pelikan,HapSeng Plantation.

EPF held around 99shares,the biggest being SIME,RHBCAP,TENAGA,CIMB,PBBANK

PNB held around 47shares,the biggest being SIME,MAYBANK,UMW,SP SETIA,MMC CORP

Original post: http://mystockfolio.blogspot.com/2010/03/47-of-our-malaysia-stock-market-is.html

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